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Exclusive News Opinion

On a flight from Delhi to Chennai

Travel is the best learning that one could experience in life. It teaches a lot. There is nothing right or wrong about doing anything. There are only different ways of doing things.

I recently took a flight from Delhi to Chennai. It happened to be an international flight. The flight took off. I got an aisle seat and could vaguely hear a conversation between the stewardess and a passenger to my left side. I focused more and could find that the passenger wants to help his wife get some warm water. The passenger could not speak English and the stewardess could not communicate in Tamil. Finally, they succeeded after their best efforts. Thanks to the co-operative stewardess. Of course it is her job!! There is nothing wrong about complimenting a good job.

The couple looked to be in their mid-fifties. Listening to their conversation further, I could understand that they are not literates of the modern world. But wait before you conclude. I was surprised to hear a lot of pure Tamil words that I have not been hearing for years together. Not many in the cities use such words these days. Modern world moves towards the concept that all educated are literates and they speak English.

Now, food is being served. Our couple gets food in their plates and so as another couple in the seat to their front. My attention turns towards the other set of couple who is well-dressed and I could guess that they are well-educated and aged in their early forties. The man picked up a scoop of mashed potatoes and dropped it by mistake. Not to my surprise (It is very common in flights these days), he did not even bother to look at it and continued with his food. Now my attention is diverted back to the old couple as the man picked up something from the floor. He had dropped a piece of fruit by mistake and bent side-wards to pick it up and keep it aside in his plate for proper disposal. Now you know why I was mentioning about modern day literates.

It is the educated and young who needs to be trained better with the good and welfare of the society.