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Sahara boss slept on concrete bed

New Delhi, Mar 5 (): Sahara company’s owner Roy yesterday spent his night sleeping on a concrete bed in the Tihar jail. It was a far cry for Roy who spent the day ago at a forest guest house receiving guests and lawyers. The guest house located in Kukrail is a picturesque picnic spot in UP.

But, yesterday the SC judge found him ‘medically fit to sleep on a concrete bed’. Roy has been lodged at Number 3 Jail block known as Tihar’s ‘VIP’ Jail and will be allowed two visitors a day. Tihar Jail sources said Roy ‘s cell is close to the cell where the December 16 gang rape convict Ram Singh, had hung himself.

Roy came to the Jail at 8 pm with around 50 to 60 people, apparently Sahara higher-ups in a convoy of SUVs. As per prison rules anybody above 60 can get a concrete bed but not a cot as he is a first-timer. Roy was given normal prison food and no privileges were given as his movements are closely watched.

Roy who owns iconic hotels in New York and London was in UP police custody put up at a picnic spot and allowed home food. Police vacated the guest house and cordoned off the area and allowed only those cleared by Roy’s staff. Even though there is no complaint from any investor, Roy was branded a thief and a lawyer threw black ink on him.

As a precaution, police took him out through the back gate through which Judges exit. SC did not accept the apology and was angry about Sahara boss’s arrogance. The judges said that it had given several occasions for Sahara to pay the Rs 17,000 crore to SEBI but it took a defiant stance. The court asked  if it should plead with Sahara to pay up.

Sahara lawyer Ram Jethmalani said his client would sell his assets and pay up in two months. The court was not willing to buy this offer and asked him to come up with a viable proposal and remanded him to judicial custody. Two Sahara directors too were sent to jail and a woman director was spared as she was required to work on the proposal.