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Modi backs out of Facebook interaction

New Delhi, Mar 3 (): Modi has backed out from the live interaction with public through Facebook. The reasons for the last minute cancellation is unclear, but sources say Modi did not want to be featured exclusively by the social network and be clubbed with other leaders who would take part in the series.

In a statement, Facebook announced that they are disappointed that Narendra Modi has decided not to participate in Candidates 2014 in their Talks Live. The site apologized to the members and to those who submitted queries to Modi. The series would now start on March 4 instead with Arvind Kejriwal.

Media website Newslaundry and Facebook had tied up for the programme. Madhu Trehan who is to anchor the series said it was a format where public will ask questions to those who would be players in forming the next government and NDTV will broadcast the event. The show was supposed to start today with the Modi’s interview.

BJP’s off-the-record reason is that the other participants like Kejriwal, Mamata and others who are neither PM candidate nor going to play a role in forming a government could be placed on par with Modi. The social network irked Modi as it was about PM contenders.

Modi found there were people who had not been named by their party as PM candidate and was not having a national image being projected as future PM candidates. Even Lalu Yadav Prasad is on the list. Modi was also not keen to have NDTV being the broadcaster as he feels that the channel has been pro-Kejriwal.

Trehan says that the whole thing was finalized two months ago and since mid-February the event promos were up and questions poured in on the FB page but two days back there were a few conditions laid down by BJP and this was unacceptable and so the drop-out. She refused to state the conditions. BJP says that upstarts like Kejriwal who has no role in government formation and day dreaming of being a kingmaker was not fit to be in the series.