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Congress banks on Vijayashanthi- Chiranjeevi – TJAC

Hyderabad, Mar 3 (): Congress-TRS honeymoon has hit many roadblocks and most likely will part ways.

TRS fuss over the merger offer angered the Congress leadership and admitted rebel TRS MP Vijayashanti and Adilabad MLA Aravinda Reddy into the party. Signalling that Congress was not fazed by TRS show of strength, it has opened a dialogue with TJAC (Telangana Joint Action Committee) headed by Kodanda Ram.

The TJAC, which played an active role in mass mobilization of activists including students for the cause of Telangana, was often criticized by other political parties for becoming a tool of the TRS. The Congress has now offered TJAC election tickets.

Union Minister Jairam Ramesh met TJAC leaders along with K Raju, ex-IAS officer and AICC scheduled caste cell member. They asked TJAC leaders to back the Congress which kept its word to form Telangana taking a great risk.

TRS leader KCR’s son and daughter are upset over the moves of Congress. Vijayashanti, the actress won from Medak which way back sent Indira Gandhi to Parliament and Congress would give her a ticket. TJAC workers were those who bore the brunt of police brutality by Kiran Reddy ministry in the agitation for Telangana. This move has checkmated TRS bravado.

Meanwhile, in Seemandhra region, Congress is to play the kappu caste card through Chiranjeevi who is still inclined towards the party. Kappu caste plays a major role in coastal Andhra and Chiranjeevi is a major attraction to woo the caste. The party which is on the backfoot will announce a Rs 7000 crore package to coastal Andhra and this will be credited to efforts of Chiranjeevi.

BJP too will claim credit for it but Congress can salvage the situation as YSR congress has emerged as champion of Seemandhra region. As Telangana MP and state elections are to be conducted together, the gambit to put Vijayashanti- TJAC in Telangana and Chiranjeevi in Seemandhra might pay off.