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15th Lok Sabha cost taxpayer Rs 22 billion

New Delhi, Mar 2 (): Lok Sabha 15th session which is termed as the most unproductive and which brought shame to the hall of democracy cost the tax payer Rs 22 billion, says a research. This works out to Rs 86.79 lakhs for one minute of its functioning.

Resource Research Foundation report brings this out. Even though the spending has increased over the years, the hours spent for each session has come down with Government showing reluctance to convene long sessions. The Lok Sabha was formed sixty years ago and the initial eight session put in 3000 hours which gradually reduced to 1335 hours.

Emergency period which is considered as a period where freedom of expression was denied has been the most productive session of Lok Sabha in terms of bills passed, long business hours and more sessions. The report says with disruptions from Opposition and part of UPA allies, the taxpayer lost Rs 1,238.67 crore.

Lok Sabha was the worst hit with loss of 834 hours while Rajya Sabha lost 600 hours. The report states that whenever there is a coalition government, the Parliament functioning is disrupted often.

According to report, the concluded Lok Sabha has created a record of parliamentarians having raising the most number of questions but the effect of it is very less. Starred questions numbered 6181 and supplementary queries were 590 which led to a half-hour discussion seven times and elicited 1720 assurances from ministries.

Under Rule 377, there were 75 discussions, Advani moved amendment motions twice and short duration discussions were when 60 MPs did not raise many issues plaguing the public and debate on it. The only full length debate was on Telangana. The report says that our elected MPs fought with each other instead of debating many crucial issues.