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IT techies organize candle night vigil in memory of Uma Maheswari

Chennai, Feb 28 (): IT professionals and like-minded individuals with a heart for women’s safety at workplace are coming together to organize a candle night vigil in memory of TCS employee, Uma Maheswari who was killed by migrant workers in the city last week.

The brutal killing of an innocent woman right near her workplace sent shock waves across the city and amongst the women working in IT sector. This has also raised the awareness for the much-needed security of women at workplace, especially in the IT sector.

The peace rally is planned at SIPCOT, Siruseri near TCS today, Friday, 28th February, 2014 at 6 pm by the city-based Save Tamils Movement.

 IT techies organize candle night vigil in memory of Uma Maheswari

“This is a dark moment.  Uma Maheswari’s tragic death and the gory details of the violence she endured spells its cast of darkness filled with grief, anger and  fear. Our deep condolences to the family and friends of Uma for whom the loss is unbearable. While we seek justice for Uma in punishing the culprits, the larger question of the safety and freedom of women troubles our minds day in and day out.

Over the years, incidences of violence against women across the country is not only disturbing but raises some fundamental questions on the safety of our women on the streets, especially during the nights. For the violence has not only taken the life of our beloved colleague, but also casts fear into the minds of our kith and kin. As we appraise ourselves about personal safety and safety measures for our employers, we ought to stand up and make our voices heard that women deserve a friendly environment outside and inside the campuses.

For the lakhs of young women who are educated and treading the much fought and won path of seeking economic self-reliance and independence, the fear factor and the protection regime cannot be the answers. As women and men are interested in an equal and just world – be it personal or public – we have to send a strong message to the violences that lurk and loom large. That we will be fearless, we will unite and stand for each other, we will reclaim our days and nights and our cities and its spaces.

We will hold Uma’s memory as a light in this darkness. As a candle light vigil to offer her our heartfelt condolences but also as a collective torch to ward away the fear such instances try to instil in us. Together we will light the roads of IT parks, unmanned railway stations, empty bus stations but also the dark corridors of this male-dominated society.”

(Courtesy: Save Tamils Movement)