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Poonam Pandey posts naked photos on Twitter

Mumbai, Feb 26 (): Model turned actress Poonam Pandey has started sharing naked pictures of herself again to increase her followers.

Poonam Pandey has now learnt how to stay in the news. She became famous initially through her racy pictures posted by herself on micro-blogging website Twitter; now she is again using the same method to interact with her fans.

Poonam became famous for her act after Kolkata Knight Rider’s IPL win; she is still keeping her oomph factor intact. To grab the attention of her followers, she had decided to strip off if the Indian cricket team won the World Cup. The ‘Nasha’ actress has again created a stir with her risqué pictures on Twitter. As part of a new initiative imaginatively titled #TittyTuesday, Poonam uploads a close up of her cleavage every week.

The actress who seems to have drawn stimulus from US reality star Kim Kardashian, posted the explicit photos on her Twitter handle. She has posted her pictrues with captions such as “Having a dirty mind is okay, but having a clean heart is important”.

In addition, recently she posted topless photos, saying, “Early Morning. .. Few Minutes of Yoga…”. The wannabe actress, further had ‘demanded’ 500 or 10,000 tweets to post new photos.

Posing in nothing but a string in a picture collage she posted on Twitter, Poonam wrote “Want More Pix? …. Will Post More after I See 10000 RETWEETS for all this Pix I Twitted earlier”. After receiving more tweets, the actress is continuing posting various pictures of her.

She has shared her latest pic this morning which shows her curvaceous side, but the Nasha babe  was seen fully clad. But what caught our eye was the caption of the pic posted by Ms Pandey. She tweeted, “gOOd Morning! a Pic for Turning you on #TittyTuesday … RT this if you want more Xoxo muuuuaaaahhhh”.