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Pompeii ~ Exclusive Review

 Pompeii ~ Exclusive Review

Chennai, Feb 25 (): Pompeii reveals the story about the victims of cataclysmic eruption in 79 AD. The movie stars Kit Harington, Emily Browning, Carrie-Anne Moss, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, Jessica Lucas in leads and the movie is directed by Paul W.S. Anderson.

Wrath of Mount Vesuvius

The movie begins in 62 AD where Romans led by Corvus destroy the horsemen tribe so they cease to exist; however the lone survivor, a boy named Milo escapes the excruciation. However, he gets caught to slave traders and seventeen years later grows into a mighty gladiator.

 Pompeii ~ Exclusive Review

Impressing his master as a gladiator he’s brought to Pompeii for the bigger fight held for the Roman senator who tours Pompeii to rebuild it; being Rome’s representative, however he has other plans.

On his way to Pompeii, Milo notices that Corvus guards Roman senator. Thus he plans to escape and avenge his clan, but in the process falls in love with Cassia, daughter of Pompeii’s headman.

The reason behind Roman senator visiting Pompeii is to force Cassia to marry him, but when he realizes something is brewing between Cassia and Milo, he revises the sport rules such that Milo is killed first in Arena.

However, Milo feats alongside fellow gladiator Atticus. After their feat, Senator rages and sends his personal guard Corvus to prove that Gladiators can be no match to Romans. But, the duel is  interrupted by earthquake followed by eruption from Mount Vesuvius. The remaining is the journey of how Milo saves Cassia from Roman Senator and does he get to avenge his clan’s murder?

Quirky Quotes

 Pompeii ~ Exclusive Review

Atticus: If if wanted to kill you, I’d have done it already

Atticus: You have to speak at some point
Milo: No we don’t. All we have to do is kill each other at some point. So my name is my own and I have no interest in learning yours

Milo: I know you
Corvus: Really! Well whatever revenge you thing you are going to have, you’ll be disappointed


Atticus: Gladiators do not beg!


The movie begins with the encased victim of Pompeii in magma from Mount Vesuvius, followed by intriguing quotes putting the audience to silence right from the beginning.


The plot hardly makes sense – is this a plot of revenge or salvation or an apocalypse? Knowing this is an apocalypse, would any one be interested in saving their own life or carry along a person whom you want to kill eventually! The Roman senator while fleeing takes Cassia hostage; however there is no option of escape and on what basis he takes her hostage is simply illogical.

Best rated    :  4/ 10

Worst rated :  4.5/10

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