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CCL Kerala strikers to sue Indigo Airlines

Kochi, Feb 25 (): CCL team Kerala Strikers would sue Indigo airlines for deplaning the entire team from the Hyderabad bound flight. This incident took place last Saturday. The airhostess who was explaining the mandatory safety measures before takeoff was heckled by the team members who shouted loudly that the announcement could not be heard.

The airhostess complained to the pilot who asked her to give it in writing. In turn, the pilot asked the CCL team manager for apologies in writing or else get out.  A war of words happened and the aircraft left the runway and moved to subway. CISF guards escorted the CCL team out of the aircraft. The flight left after the Captain recorded his complaint with AAI. AAI has no authority on the actions inside the aircraft and CCL team lodged a complaint with police station near the airport. Local police too cannot do much.

As per safety manual, when the aircraft doors are closed and ready for take-off, the airhostess usually the head of the cabin crew explains the safety measures to a prerecorded audio. Passengers are to be seated with seat belts fastened and mobile phones off. According to sources CCL team members did not put on the seat belts, stood up and cheering Kerala Strikers captain Mohanlal (who was not in the aircraft) and each other.

The airhostess asked them to do so after it was airborne. CCL team refused and some started imitating the airhostess. This was followed by the airhostess who went to the cockpit and told the Captain about it. The airline is the official partner of CCL trophy, so the Captain decided to just ask for apology but Kerala Strikers showed bravado as it was Kochi airport. The Captain could have asked the airhostess to put in a sexual harassment complaint and got some members in trouble. The team members including brand ambassador Bhavana and CPM deputy opposition leader Binny Kodeyeri a member of the team numbering 30 got off as other passengers said that their flight was being delayed.