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The Monuments Men ~ Exclusive Review

            The Monuments Men ~ Exclusive ReviewChennai, Feb 22 (): The Monuments Men, the magnum opus movie directed, written and produced by George Clooney hit screens on Feb 21. The movie stars George Clooney, Matt Damon, Bill Murray, John Goodman, Bob Balaban and Jean Dujardin in leads.

The Cause: Winning isn’t winning with the lost monuments

The movie begins with Frank Strokes (Clooney) convincing the President to initiate a mission to steal back the stolen monuments, arts and return them to their rightful owners. Even if you win the war, it’s of little meaning with all the artifacts lost without any history.

And thus the team “Monuments Men” is grouped with seven men with artistic knowledge and little weaponry wisdom. As Nazis are being driven out of their axis, they cause maximum destruction on their way out, which was a direct command from the Führer – to destroy any evidence of art.

            The Monuments Men ~ Exclusive Review

In Paris, a curator Claire (Cate Blanchett) tries to restore art but fails with Nazis looting them to German for the Führer’s personal museum. James Granger (Matt Damon) seeks her and earns her trust to get to know the whereabouts of the stolen statues and other arts of Picasso Pablo’s, The Madona and Child of Michelangelo.

By the time war ends, the Monuments Men collected over 16,000 art collections, boxes of golden teeth from the war victims under Germany and not to mention the golden assets hidden in a salt mine which almost bankrupts the German regime.

Quirky Quotes

Clooney: No piece of art was worth a man’s life, but the last months have proved that wrong!

You hungry?
You buying?
Uncle Sam is

John Goodman: So, you are saying you can go into war zone and tell boys what to and what not to blow up?
Clooney: Pretty much

Clooney: If you destroy their achievements, their history, it’s like they never existed

Cate: How may I help you steal our stolen art?


            The Monuments Men ~ Exclusive Review

Clooney has done a good job with binding humor along the storyline, it works just fine. Say for instance, Matt Damon is the person who has connections to connect the dots on figuring out the stolen arts. Well, the only problem is his French isn’t as fluent it’s supposed to be, the funny thing is everyone whom he speaks to replies back in English as NOT to like ever speak French again!


A war movie should bring the warmth and agony, it should remind us the dark days of mankind which this movie fails to elicit. Neither the screenplay is gripping nor the actors fail to emote except for a few places.

Worst Rated  : 4/ 10
Best Rated     : 4.5/ 10

The Monuments Men The story of men stealing back what was stolen