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Telangana creates Bhagat Singh, SP- BSP with UPA

New Delhi, Feb 15 (): Telangana creation now has ‘Andhra’s Bhagat Singh’ and ‘Alluri Seetharamaraju (the tribal crusader who fought against British). It is none other than L Rajagopal MP who sprayed pepper on his colleagues.

Telugu TV Channels got paid advertisements to show the MP who fought for United Andhra as a martyr. Meanwhile Congress took to tea diplomacy and now Telangana bill has got Mayawati‘s BSP and SP together to support it if BJP continues to be a fence sitter.

The pro-Seemandhra Ministers are expected to create a ruckus when House meets on Monday. BJP is sitting on the fence as far as Telangana is considered. It initially offered support to Congress on the bill and now it says that Rs 7000 crore should be given as compensation to coastal Andhra.

Modi’s speech today was contrary to BJP’s stance. He blamed Congress for creation of trouble in Andhra. BJP is now putting across the stance that when it comes to power at the Centre, it will give a huge compensation and that UPA need not pass the bill.

BJP has disputed the stance that the Telangana bill has been tabled in the House. It says it was not listed in the agenda. However, the Speaker has the power to accept the tabling of bill. The bill should be passed in a week at LS and RS.

A voice vote route can clear in LS and in RS it will find it difficult on procedural questions. The BJP however continues to take cryptic stance that it will support the bill if it does not divide the people. TDP has asked BJP to support the bill. BJP says that the Seemandhra MPs from Congress are creating ruckus on instructions from the party to disrupt the proceedings and also create an impression that BJP was objecting to the 6 anti-corruption bills. CPI has agreed to vote in favour of the bill.