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Kejriwal on streets a worry for oppn

New Delhi, Feb 15  (): Kejriwal’s exit from power has cast a gloom in Congress and BJP camps.

Despite Congress leader Lovely and BJP Harsh Vardhan going in for a bear hug for photographers, the presence of Kejriwal out on the streets with the broom and a Gandhi cap is more potent than him being a CM who names a person as being corrupt each day.

His exit was not foreseen by Congress and BJP as they offered support to the bill and banked on Kejriwal to send the bill to LG. As Kejriwal started delaying the tabling of the bill and hedging the voting on LG letter, opposition was sure that AAP would pass the bill to LG and if it comes down in a watered down version, Kejriwal would again make a big fuss on it.

With no legislative experience, Kejriwal did the unthinkable. ‘I take leave of the house,” he said and it led to voting on LG’s letter. 42 out of 70 voted in favour of LG. The tabling of the bill and then meeting the LG and giving in resignation with recommendation to dissolve the House was something that turned the tables.

The core campaign plank that if JanLokpal was not passed, it would not remain in power came true to those who voted AAP to power. Though the opposition says that AAP took the exit route since it could not govern the public opinion is different. It sees the Centre creating hurdles for Kejriwal.

Yet another move was blaming Mukesh Ambani’s collusion with oil ministry in hiking gas prices from April 1. The Centre reducing CNG prices has been negated with the Ambani-Congress link expose by AAP. With AAP releasing the first list of candidates to contest against the corrupt, Congress will now keep the Delhi assembly in suspended animation as it will not want to combine Delhi Assembly polls with LS election.