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Idhu Kathirvelan Kadhal ~ Exclusive Review

            Idhu Kathirvelan Kadhal ~ Exclusive Review

Chennai, Feb 14 (): Idhu Kathirvelan Kadhal, the rom-com starring Udhayanidhi Stalin and Nayanthara hit screens on Valentines Day. The movie is directed by Prabhakaran and produced by Red Giant Movies.

Udhayanidhi returns to silver screen after his debut blockbuster OKOK; Nayanthara is back after giving an equivalent hit Raja Rani; So is director who’s back after his successful debut Sundarapandyan altogether making the movie even more promising.

Kathir’s Diary

This is an usual talltale unusually told, a loyal Hanuman disciple and follower falls in love with Pavithra (Nayan). Apart from expressing their love, there are other components which sum up to trouble which includes Kathir’s tromping dad, stubborn brother-in-law, Pavithra’s biased dad who’d give her away in hand to any one but Kathir, well you get the idea – the list goes on.

            Idhu Kathirvelan Kadhal ~ Exclusive Review

Santhanam plays cupid between Kathir and Pavithra, also he manages to acquaint himself with a Kerala beauty. He also plays Chanakya to draw bridges within Kathir’s family and also between Pavithra and Kathir’s family. The movie is sure a valentine’s treat which should be enjoyed in cinemas.

Quirky Quotes

Santhanam: Ponnunga’lum pickpocket adikaravnum onnnu, namma pakadha nerama parthu dhan nammala papanga

Santhanam (realizing Kathir stood up for justice): Idli sapda pona edathula edhuku indha Indian thatha vela ellam?

Santhanam (when Kathir looses his holy bracelets & chains): Ipo yen Bakkiyaraj sandai’ku pora madhiri onnu onna kalati veikura?

Kathir: Naanga ellam 5 vayasula irundhe Aanjeneyar bakthan, ivalunga ila ualaga alagiye vandalum onum pana mudiyadhu

Namma oorle romba nallavan’ale edhayum anubavika mattanunga
Naa yen inum inga utkandu irukenu parkuriya? Epovavadhu andha Aanjeneyar partha, yen saami ungalayum ipadi nallavan’u solli dhan ipadi aakitangala’nu ketkanum

Kathir: Ellarukum vara madhiri enakum vandhuduchu da
Santhanam: Enadhu, vela mudiya ?

Memoirs & Glitches

            Idhu Kathirvelan Kadhal ~ Exclusive Review

The way the story unfolds and Santhanam-Udhayanidhi duo sharing screen are in limelight throughout the movie. The big fat ugly scenes which you might expect to blow up ends smooth which is good, but a matter of nothing is blown up to a bigger proportion which makes it quite clumsy.

From the moment Santhanam comes in, to help Kathir succeed winning his girl, the cinema hall lights up and it sure is ROFL throughout. They elicit natural laughter and keep up the momentum.

Best rated    :  6/ 10

Worst rated :  5.5/10

Idhu Kathirvelan Kadhal A Valentine’s treat