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Anna to campaign for Mamata

Mumbai, Feb 14 (): Anna Hazare has officially agreed to campaign for Mamata Banerjee in the coming LS polls. This was announced by Mukul Roy, the TMC leader and think-tank of the party after his meeting with Anna at his house near Pune. This comes after TMC had agreed to implement the 17-point charter of economic reforms to be included in the party manifesto. AAP Kejriwal who met Anna recently said that he too would include the charter in his manifesto.

Explaining his U-turn on the issue, Anna said that he was extending support to an individual and not the party. Anna had termed politics as a gutter and better be kept out. He was against AAP being formed and Kejriwal being a candidate for CM post. He even levelled allegations of funds collected during the India Against Corruption agitation being diverted for use of AAP activities. AAP denied this and instead it claimed that Kejriwal had to dip into his personal funds to keep the agitation going.

In May, Anna sent a letter to all political parties listing out a 17-point economic charter. He said that any party that gives an affidavit saying that it will put these points in the manifesto will get his support. This month TMC responded that it would do so.

Mukul Roy who met Anna showed that some of the points were already being implemented by the TMC. The theory now put out to defend his entry into politics is that if the party puts up candidates without political ties, then there would be no corruption.

Kejriwal lived in government house while Mamata stayed in her father’s house. Mamata wore rubber slippers and toured villages daily on foot. These factors added to the reasons for the Gandhian to support her. He also added that Mamata’s influence was limited to Bengal but she was known nationally.

With the support from Anna, she would bag all 40 seats and become PM, said the Gandhian. Kejriwal said that he did not get the letter and would put it in his manifesto as soon as he got it. TMC’s involvement in multi-crore chit scam will have to be overlooked by the Gandhian.