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Ahimsa better than pepper spray : inventor Kamran Loghman

New Delhi, Feb 14 (): Pepper spray creator Kamran Loghman reacting to use of it in Parliament said that the MP should practise Ahimsa and self-control instead of using his invention in a fit of rage.

Kamran told the Kolkata daily that it was primarily used by police as a self-defence and not to hurt others. Kamran formerly with FBI had trained police forces in 40 countries on use of pepper spray. Now, he teaches Indian philosophy at the Catholic University in Washington DC.

After the Delhi gang-rape, sales of pepper spray which costs between Rs 300 and Rs 500 has risen to 1,000 cans a month. Red chili powder mixed with a solvent form the pepper spray which is termed non-lethal. Choking and watery eyes are the reactions of a person who is hit by pepper spray and the effect lasts up to 45 minutes.

For most of the MPs, the pepper spray is nothing compared to the tear gas that they would have experienced during the dharnas and agitations. Phenyl chloride, a chemical used in tear gas does cause severe irritation and brings water from the eyes. Tear gas is available with only the police.

Using red chilli to overpower stronger persons and escape from attacks by women is usually used in villages. Mirch Masala, a Hindi film uses this technique by village women to escape from a lecherous subedar. Thieves and criminals use this powder to put off sniffer dogs. They spray the crime spot with red chilli so that the police sniffer dog is put off track.

Rajagopal who used the spray in the House said that he always carried it with him. When he was attacked by MPs, he used in self-defence. He denied that it was a pre-planned attack. Today morning the MP had sobered down and said he was sorry for his action but blamed it on the government for tabling the bill.