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Apple surpasses Android in business activations

Washington, Feb. 13 (ANI): Apple has reportedly surpassed Android, recording maximum business activations, according to a research compiled by Good Technology signals.

However, a different report by Chitika Insights concluded that Microsoft’s Surface was being used more frequently when compared to its competitors during the 9-5 working business day.

According to PC World, none of the reports appear to be as comprehensive as the overall smartphone market report compiled Wednesday by IDC, which found that 79 percent of the 1 billion smartphones shipped during 2013 ran Android, leaving iOS and Windows Phone in the distinct minority.
On the contrary, mobile security vendor Good Technology reported that out of the 5,000 enterprise it served, 73 percent of all devices it tracked ran iOS against 26 percent for Android.

Meanwhile, Chitika said that despite the usage statistics presumably indicating some success for Microsoft in this area, the company had a long way to go before challenging Apple or Google in terms of raw usage volume during working hours. (ANI)