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Demand grows for Corser cotton in Chinese markets

Coimbatore, Feb.12, (ANI): Corser cotton produced in India is making its way to the Chinese market because of its good quality and less labour cost.

Tamil Nadu’s Coimbatore, which produces about 50 percent of the yarn produced in the country, is surely making huge bucks out of China incompetence.

Chairman of South India Mills Association (SIMA) Rajkumar stated the reasons why China was losing out in the production of Corser cotton.

“The cost of production for manufacturing this Corser cotton, according to the ITMF report, International Textile Manufacture Federation report, it says that India is the most competitive country in the world to produce cotton yarn upto thirties, even it is better than Pakistan, it is better than Indonesia, it is better than other neighboring Asian countries. So that could be the main reason why China is importing lot of Indian yarn because it has become very uncompetitive for them to produce cotton yarn in their country. It’s everything, it is like the labour cost, it is the other costs,” he said.

Since 2011, China had stopped producing the cotton and now imports in bulk from the Indian textile industry.

Kumar welcomed this trend and added that this trend is likely to continue.

According to him, in 2012-13, India produced 3600 million kilograms of cotton yarn, out of which 1000 million kg has been exported. While in 2011-12, India produced 3126 million kg of cotton out of which 820 million kg was exported.

Therefore, there has been increase of 750 million kg, out of which 90 percent has been exported to China. (ANI)