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Nigella Lawson names recipe ‘slut’s spaghetti’ to mock Saatchi’s new gal pal

London, Feb 11 (ANI): Nigella Lawson has slammed her former hubby Charles Saatchi’s current girlfriend Trinny Woodall on Twitter, after the fashion advisor joked about the art tycoon publically grabbing her throat at a restaurant.

The TV chef had dubbed her recipe of the day on the social networking site as “slut’s spaghetti” and asked her followers if she needed to say anything more, the Mirror reported.

The 52-year-old brunette beauty’s apparent dig came just hours after Woodall, who recently turned 50, wrote on a website that it’s great that, at her age, life can still grab you by the throat and shake you up.

Woodall added that it’s “even better when you’ve learned to cope with whatever’s thrown at you as long as it isn’t a bedside lamp.”

Lawson later tweeted that she had no agenda behind the recipe and that slut’s spaghetti is an “old fave of hers”. (ANI)