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Will Modi reach out to Jayalalithaa?

Chennai, Feb 8 (): Modi’s rally in Chennai today which BJP says will be mother of all rallies will be a decisive meet as to whether he would reach out to Jayalalithaa as he did with Mamata or will he take on the shortcomings of AIADMK ministry?

Prospective allies, DMDK and PMK are waiting to see whether BJP is able to muster crowds and the way Modi swings.

It is quite a difficult task that Modi has. In Kolkata, he dubbed the third front as third rate. The Left inspired front has AIADMK along with SP, JD(U) and seven others for company. After having termed this as a front that will make India a third rate nation, Modi also knows that AIADMK has a clear chance of bagging close to 30 + seats of the 39 in Tamil Nadu.

After signing a pact with Left parties on LS seat sharing, Jayalalithaa did not make a pitch for PM post but cryptically said that it was to be seen post polls. The third front that met at Delhi also showed that Mulayam was a strong contender for PM post. When asked about Jayalalithaa’s PM aspirations,Mulayam said that his state has 80 seats in LS.

Modi’s pat for Jayalalithaa could keep DMDK out of the alliance in the State. BJP is hoping big on DMDK to join the alliance as it has the vote bank that can deliver. Jayalalithaa’s tie-up with Left is a major concern for BJP.

In Kolkata, the speech of Modi was targeted at the Left. Thuglak magazine editor Cho who is a supporter of Jayalalithaa had put forth the suggestion that if BJP does not get the numbers, then it should support Jayalalthaa for PM. He talked about the improved power situation and wiping out terrorists as highlights of her governance. In many ways she has the qualities to be PM, said Cho.