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AAP face-off with Centre on Jan Lokpal

New Delhi, Feb 7 (): AAP is pushing the Jan Lokpal bill in State assembly on Februray 13 despite Solicitor General terming it as unconstitutional.

The Speaker takes the stance that Lt.General’s sanction is not needed to pass the bill. AAP says after two days’ discussion the bill will be passed in public at a sports stadium. The Centre’s sanction is not needed as the bill is not a money bill but a financial bill, says the Speaker. With the Parliament having passed Lokpal bill, the state bill will be repugnant. Congress has met LG and told that they were not against the bill brought in by AAP but the methodology was wrong. However, Congress will not pull the plug on AAP ministry.

The AAP‘s bill will bring state police and civic authorities. Both these bodies report to the Centre and not to CM. The bill if passed in assembly will need President assent as Lokayukta and Lokpal bill are in force. AAP action is seen as moving ahead without proper understanding of the parliamentary procedures and instead depending on gimmickry.

AAP will not send the bill to LG and will take it to the assembly. SG has pointed out that any action that involves uses of central funds has to get Centre’s sanction. Yet another section states that any law that brings Delhi police within State purview has to get President consent.

Kejriwal who is meeting LG today told a public meeting that LG, SG, BJP and Congress are saying the CM is working against the system but he said he is doing only to weed out corruption. AAP has termed LG as ‘Congress agent’.

Congress says that on tabling itself it will oppose if it comes without LG consent. It claims that it would back the bill’s contents and would welcome even a stronger bill but adds that CM who calls constitutional head like LG as Congress agent will next abuse the President.