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YSR Congress criticizes Andhra CM for hurrying the resolution on united Andhra Pradesh

New Delhi, Feb.1 (ANI): YSR Congress party leader Sreekanth Reddy on Saturday said Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy and his government has failed to press for a division on the resolution despite having the majority and alleged that the government ran through the hurried process giving an edge to both sides as there was some ambiguity in the proceedings.

“All through the assembly session, YSRCP has been consistently asking for a resolution on a united state and every day raised the issue in some form or the other. In the final moments the Speaker has rushed through the process and announced that the motion was carried by a voice vote,” Sreekanth told media here today.

He alleged that the House had the required numbers to get the resolution adopted more authentically but neither the Leader of House nor the Opposition Leader had pressed for a division and it was passed by voice vote.

“The Speaker has pacified the separatists telling that the discussion on the division bill is complete and told the integrationists that the resolution was adopted and the ambiguity still hangs in the air,” he said.

Lashing out at Kiran Kumar Reddy and TDP chief N Chandrababu Naidu for their conduct in the House, Sreekanth said “the chief minister who had all the time been helping the division process in every possible way and was instrumental in AP NGOs calling off their strike moves a resolution at the fag-end of the session and washes his hands off to claim to be an integrationist.”

“He lacks sincerity. The YSRCP has time and again asked him to convene a special session of assembly to pass a resolution in favour of a united state but our demand was not conceded. At the spur of the moment he gives the same notice that we have earlier given and the process was rushed through. He also helped the leader of opposition by shielding him from speaking in the house,” he added.

“These are the people who are speaking of morals and are accusing us of compromising while the contrary is the stark reality. We were demanding for a resolution within the democratic framework. Finally the Government had emulated us and gave the same notice we had given which shows that we were toeing the right path while the Congress and TDP were into diversions,” he said.

Sreekanth also said that the role played by the Chief Minister, N Chandrababu Naidu and Sonia Gandhi is very much against the interests of the united state.

“The two state leaders have been blowing their own trumpets and staking claim that they were responsible for the rejection of the Bill but they have no answers as to why they did not resign immediately after the Centre has announced the division of the state,” he said.(ANI)