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Rummy ~ Exclusive Review

Chennai, Feb 1 (): Rummy, the classic period movie hit screens on 31st January. The movie stars Vijay Sethupathy, Gayathri, Inigo Prabhakaran, Aishwarya as leads and is directed by debutant Balakrishnan. As usual, the movie had set expectations as Vijay Sethupathy, whose renown for choice of roles, has been roped in  for this.

Rummy – Game of unexpected

The movie is set around 1987  in and around Dindugal district evolving around two youngsters Sakthi & Joseph joining arts college. Living their way of life, enjoying hostel life as is, ogling college girls is how their daily chores went until one day..

Where they fall in love for two cousins of the same family and the family elders are very well known for discouraging any sort of romance. If at all they come to know that a boy is running behind a girl, they’d hesitate not to kill.

What happens when the elders find out, do they unite or is it just going be another honour killing is what the movie unfolds.

Quirky Quotes

College Girl: Yaara sight adikkura? 3rd year, unakku senior!
Soori: Yaar senior? Naanga 8th le moonu varusham, 10th le moonu varusham, 12th le moonu varusham.
Ippo sollunga yaar senior?
CG:Sorry anna

Soori(to his classmate): Dhinamum kalai’le rendu poondu eduthukka
Classmate: Edukku boss, gas ku nalladha?
Soori: Illa, class ku nalladhu


A couple of melodies are aesthetic, one such notable track is – ‘Naa porenu sollama varene aadharama’. The crew has done their homework well and the attention to detail is outstanding when it comes to setting up a period picture. If you notice you’d reminisce silly little things from 80s where when a telegram arrives it’s always a bad news. And in hostel, there’d be no rooms where Silk Smitha’s  and Rajinjikanth’s posters were amiss.

Actors in a word

Vijay Sethupathy – Sema!

Gayathri – Ppaahh!

Inigo Prabhakaran – Sabaash!

Aishwarya – Prajodhakam!


Friends call each other ‘Boss’ which was a terminology ceased to exist until early 2K. Some characters seem to be missing once in a while. Songs are inserted just to ensure there exists 5 tracks as in any traditional movie. Topping this all the characters except Vijay Sethupathy fail to emote what was intended and everything seems so artificial. And the climax could have been screenplay’d better.


The movie was initially scheduled for Dec 31st release, however the producers backed out with other big movies which were planned for release in those dates.

Worst Rated : 4/ 10

Best Rated   : 4.5/ 10

Rummy ~ unexpected, but unnecessary