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CPM Bengal style of killing revealed

Kochi, Feb 1 (): CPM State secretary Pinnarayi Vijayan is said to have advised party cadres in Kannur to follow the Bengal style of killing. This revelation was made by Abdullah Kutty MLA in the Congress mouthpiece Veekshanam.

Abdullah Kutty was a CPM MP from Kannur, hotbed of violent clashes between RSS and Marxists. Two days ago, Modi’s supporters joined CPM in Kannur. The Bengal style of CPM annihilating enemies is to not leave any trace of the dead. This expose came after three CPM party cadres along with a mafia gang were convicted for killing an ex-CPM leader.

The expelled leader floated a rival party. For this, he was hacked to death by the mafia gang and party local units were behind it. The body was found with 52 stab wounds. The case created a sensation for many reasons. Pinrayi said that Bengal comrades felt that Kerala style was too old. The new method was not to spill blood or the body being traced. Bengal comrades kidnap the victim and dump him. The body is buried in a sack of salt, which makes it difficult to identify the body. Kerala CPM hacks rivals and leaves them on the street. This was told to Abdullah Kutty when he was with Marxist party.

Marxist party leaders in prison on charges of conspiracy to kill the rival comrade were seen to be enjoying life. The mafia gang posted pictures of their stay in prison on a Facebook created to glorify CPM. The prosecution was unable to crack the case fully as those in jail were phoning witnesses and in turn they turned hostile. Though the district head of party was acquitted, others were convicted.

Congress is said to have colluded with CPM on this issue. In return, CPM called off many agitations against the Congress ministry. The prosecution lawyer is a I group member of Congress and Home Minister is from A group.

Now, a channel shows that the acquitted CPM leader had met with a noted smuggler in jail. The new Home minister Chennithala is likely to hand over the case to CBI.