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National Handloom Expo in Tripura promotes handloom sector in the northeast

Agartala, Jan 29 (ANI): The National Handloom Expo recently held in Tripura brought together artisans from across the country.

The 15-day-long event was organized jointly by the Development Commission for Handlooms, under the Ministry of Textiles and the Department of Handlooms, handicrafts and sericulture of the Government of Tripura.

All together 60 stalls from 14 states and one from neighbouring Bangladesh were put up, showcasing the amazing handiworks of weavers and craftsmen.

People were excited to get a chance to sample quality products from various places.I really enjoyed purchasing here because we are getting a variety of products to buy at one spot, which we generally do not get,” said Tapati Bhaumik, a visitor.

” It is certainly a very good effort, very good venture. I think it is going to expand and flourish more in the future,” added Alishi Rehaman, another visitor.

The Northeastern region has a rich heritage of handlooms and handicrafts and the government has been laying considerable emphasis on uplifting the sector.

The Ministry of Textiles has formulated several schemes for providing financial support to enterprises in the handloom and handicraft sector and promoting them.

10 per cent of its total budget outlay is allotted exclusively for the Northeastern states.kill development workshops and training programmes are regularly conducted and people are encouraged to form self help groups and take up self employment ventures to earn a living. his has resulted in substantial employment generation and also helps in preserving the indigenous crafts.

” The main organizers are the development commissioners for handlooms and we are here as their counterpart. We are representing Delhi. In fact, we are helping the state; we are serving the state for the upliftment of the weavers those who are around Tripura,” said B B Dutta, Deputy Director, Weaver Service Centre.

The government has been focusing on uplifting the sector by conducting regular training workshops and organizing such exhibitions. As a result, the region has witnessed the growth of small handloom and handicraft enterprises which are creating employment opportunities as well as helping in preserving the crafts. (ANI)