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Modi splits Kerala CPM and BJP

Kochi, Jan 29 (): Modi is the cause of a rift within CPM and BJP.

A TV channel has put out CCTV footage of the CPM leader who was acquitted of involvement in a murder case meeting an underworld goon inside the jail. The BJP and CPM in Kannur district of Kerala have been involved in murderous attacks on each other for several years.

Now, a group of BJP workers numbering 2000 has been welcomed into the CPM by the top leadership. Seniormost CPM leaders, ex-CM and opposition leader VS questioned the logic of welcoming those who were thirsting for CPM’s blood. He said that allying with ex-BJP men, it would pay a price for it. He pointed out that CPM once aligning with Muslim fundamentalist PDP Madhani lost out in the polls.

BJP workers formed a pro-Modi outfit called Namo Vichar Sangh. This was a parallel outfit to BJP. This was because RSS was calling the shots in BJP. It is widely known that RSS and its men are involved in clashes with CPM.

The Modi group in Kannur finally felt that their hero was looking into Kannur politics. Modi being preoccupied with being PM did nothing to appease the Namo Vichar Sangh. Finally, they got CPM to open the doors. Modi who is set to hold a rally in Kerala now faces a problem. A top woman leader probably inspired by Namo Vichar defecting to CPM has told the national leadership of BJP that the state president is responsible for workers going to CPM. More rebels against the Kerala BJP president will come out, thanks to Modi supporters.

CPM state committee discarded VS claim and welcomed the Modi supporters with party State secretary Vijayan welcoming them. Now, Congress has alleged that CPM welcoming Modi supporters shows BJP-CPM secret nexus.

The BJP’s rebellion is now fast spreading to other areas. Kottayam district BJP saw a Modi fan club being launched by its own workers. Namo effect is creating problem for CPM and BJP. The Congress-led UDF’s chief whip flagged off a Sardar Patel rally and showed T-shirts with Modi’s face on it.