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Doc stitches himself post shark attack

Melbourne, January 28 (ANI): A New Zealand doctor survived after being attacked by a shark by fighting it with his knife, and later gave himself stitches upon reaching the shore.

Junior doctor James Grant was spearfishing with his friends near Colac Bay at the base of the South Island, when he was attacked by a shark, News.com.au reported.

The 24-year-old braveheart had a knife in his hand, with which he stabbed the shark, before quickly swimming to the rocks on shore.

Grant, upon taking off his wetsuit neoprene, saw shark bites up to 5cm long, and then stitched himself up using a first aid kit he kept in his vehicle for pig hunts.

He and his friends then headed to the Colac Bay Tavern, where he was given a bandage, as he was dripping blood, before being sent to Invercargill Hospital. (ANI)