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Mumbai Marathon 2014 : Evans Ruto wins Men’s title, Dinknesh Mekash bags Women’s crown (Results)

Mumbai, Jan 20 (): Kenya’s Evans Ruto and Ethiopia’s Dinkesh Mekash won the men’s and women’s titles and won the prize money of $41,000 each in the $360,000 at the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon 2014 held on Sunday morning.

Nearly 40,000 people participated in the eleventh edition of Mumbai Marathon that included about 500 foreigners. Among the participants were 1360 senior citizens and 200 people with disabilities.

Bollywood celebrities were present at the event and many corporate honchos took part in the marathon run. The race had prize money of 3,60,000 US dollars and the competitive categories saw a hard-fought race.

30-year-old Ruto finished first in 2:09:33, a second slower than the race record of 2:09:32 set by Jackson Kiprop of Uganda last year. Kimaiyo came second in 2:09:45 and Baaru took the third place with 13 seconds behind. Ruto won $41,000 for his efforts, but missed out on the course record bonus of $15,000. Kimaiyo won $21,000, while Baaru received $15,000.

In the women’s event, last year’s runner-up, Ethiopia’s Dinknesh Mekash, clinched the first place in 2:28:08. Gladys Kipsoi of Kenya, making her debut, finished with a time of 2:29:53 to take the second place and fellow countrywoman Bizunesh Urgesa came third in 2:.30:00. Mekash won a big prize money of $41,000, while Kipsoi received $21,000 and Urgesa got $15,000.

Following are the results: (Finals)

(Overall Results Men):

Evans Ruto (KEN) 02.09.33; Lawrence Kimaiyo (KEN) 02.09.45; Philemon Baaru (KEN) 02.09.58; Stephen Chebogut (KEN) 02.10.56; Ishhimael Bushendich (KEN) 02.11.18; Juilius Chepk Wony (KEN) 02.11.37; Evans Cheruiyot (KEN) 02.12.08; Hailu Mekonnen (ETH) 02.12.17; Wosen Zeleke (ETH) 02.12.54; Kenneth Mungara (KEN) 02.14.13.

(Overall Results Women):

Dinknesh Mekash (ETH) 02.28.08; Gladys Kipsoi (KEN) 02.29.53; Bizunesh Urgesa (ETH) 02.30.00; Etalemahu Kidane (ETH) 02.31.53; Asnakech Mengistu (ETH) 02.32.42; Aberu Mekuria (ETH) 02.33.21; Ehite Bizuayehu (ETH) 02.33.48; Tsega Gelaw (ETH) 02.34.35; Alem Kifle (ETH) 02.35.13; Eunice Kales (KEN) 02.36.02.

Indian Overall Results Men:

Karan Singh (IND) 02.24.08 (Overall 16th); Rashpal Singh (IND) 02.24.38 (Overall 17th); Binning Lyngkhoi (IND) 02.24.40 (Overall 18th); Elam Singh (IND) 02.24.56 (Overall 19th); Sanvaroo Yadav (IND) 02.26.00 (Overall 20th); Amritpal Singh (IND) 02.30.00; Krishan Singh (IND) 02.30.22; Dasari Obilesu (IND) 02.30.30; Javid Iqbal (IND) 02.31.21; Sanaton O Singh (IND) 02.32.52.

Indian Overall Results Women:

Lalita Babbar (IND) 02.50.31 (Overall 12th); Vijaymala Patil (IND) 02.59.58 (Overall 13th); Jyoti Gawate (IND) 03.02.59 (Overall 14th); Sudha M (IND) 03.08.17 (Overall 15th); Rohini Raut (IND) 03.11.32 (Overall 16th); Monika Raut (IND) 03.15.46 (Overall 17th); Ranjana Kumari (IND) 03.16.56 (Overall 18th); Rashmi Gurnule (IND) 03.17.37 (Overall 19th); Supriya Patil (IND) 03.30.47 (Overall 20th); Shyamli Singh (IND) 03.30.51.

Half Marathon Men:

Indrajeet Patel (IND) 01.04.56; Soji Mathew (IND) 01.05.45; Mansingh (IND) 01.06.17; Baliappa A B (IND) 01.06.23; Deepak Kumbhar (IND) 01.06.38.

Half Marathon Women:

Sudha Singh (IND) 01.18.24; Kavita Raut (IND) 01.21.15; Kiran Sahdev (IND) 01.21.57; Aarthi Venkatesan (IND) 01.22.53; Heena Mali (IND) 01.24.08.