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AAP to contest all seats in Tamil Nadu

Chennai/Hyderabad/Bangalore, Jan 20(): AAP’s list of corrupt political parties got longer by adding DMK and AIADMK in it.

Prasanth Bhushan who is touring the South to oversee the AAP units’ functioning faced two groups who claimed to be in charge at Chennai. One group has already gone to COP saying that Christina Samy who claims to be heading AAP overnight closed the office and shifted it to a place of her choice. They also alleged that Samy is running an NGO which has Rs 200 crores worth assets.

In this not-too-friendly scenario, Aam Aadmi Party will contest all 39 Lok Sabha seats in Tamil Nadu. The reason being that one lakh people have signed up and will reach the five lakh mark. In contrast, AIADMK has 1.5 crore members and DMK has 1 crore.

Prasanth Bhushan who has controversial views on deploying forces in Kashmir and in Maoist infested areas touched on Sri Lankan issue. AAP said India should have taken up the Lankan genocide issue in the UN; it should have demanded for a UN war tribunal, asked for a UN peace keeping force in Sri Lanka, and atrocities on Tamil fishermen by the Lankan navy should have been looked into. AAP for AIADMK stands for Aama Aadmi Party and DMK did not seem to have been rattled by AAP’s decision.

In Hyderabad, the AAP meeting turned chaotic. Prasanth Bhushan who was addressing the young party members supported the formation of Telangana. His contention was that small states were easy to manage.

The Seemandhra region members were on their feet shouting against Bhushan. He had to then go out of the hall and addressed the members belonging to Telangana region while Seemandhra members walked away.

Bhushan’s remarks on Kashmir came as an embarrassment to AAP. He had to backtrack and took cover saying that he was not advocating separation of Kashmir.

Bhushan in Kerala on receiving an award praised CPM’s opposition leader VS as an honest man. In Kerala, AAP has not made any electoral moves.

In Bangalore too, the AAP has enrolled one lakh members and the leader there is a young student Prithvi Reddy. AAP feels that Bangalore has the same problems that Delhi has and hence it will click. Many NRIs settled in the city have joined. A recent meeting of AAP saw the members not allowing a leader from Delhi to speak in Hindi.