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Vinod Binny meets Anna Hazare to discuss AAP’s working

Ralegan Siddhi, Jan.19 (ANI): Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader Vinod Binny on Sunday met veteran anti-corruption crusader Anna Hazare to discuss his concerns regarding the working of his party.

“I spoke to Annaji about recent developments in Delhi, and he assured me that he will look into matter. Anna asked me to have patience. He told me that he was happy to see that I was not being greedy for any post. He said he wants to gather some information for himself,” he told media here today.

Binny, who received a show cause notice by the party, said on Friday that raising the issues of the people is not immoral and illegal.

“I will draft an answer to this notice and will send it to them. My stand is clear and I am not going to deviate from it,” Binny said.

“They have imposed 6(A) section, in which they claim that my behavior have been immoral and illegal. I haven’t used abusive language, and, I don’t know what they have termed illegal. If raising the issues of the people is illegal, then they have also committed the same thing. They raised the same issues which I had raised,” he added.

On Thursday, AAP leader Yogendra Yadav had charged disgruntled party Binny with committing acts of indiscipline, and had said the Political Affairs Committee (PAC) of the party would be sending Binny a show cause notice and ask him to explain his recent comments.

“This is a gross case of indiscipline. The Political affairs committee of AAP will view it as such, and send Binny a show cause notice,” Yadav had said.

Binny on Thursday had described Delhi Chief Minister and AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal as an autocrat, and all those luminaries from various sections of society joining the party as opportunists.

He also accused the AAP of not having any intention to promote good governance. (ANI)