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Facebook acquires link-sharing service Branch for $15mn

Washington, Jan. 14 (ANI): Facebook has reportedly acquired link-sharing service Branch and its sister service Potluck for a deal priced at around 15 million dollars.

Branch CEO Josh Miller said that the team of nine will remain in New York, and a new team will be formed at Facebook called “Conversations,” whose goal will be to help users “connect around their interests.”

According to The Verge, Branch recently launched Potluck for iPhone, a Tinder-meets-Circa news app that served up bite-sized news clips a user could talk about with friends inside the app.

Miller wrote in his post that Facebook asked him to come “build Branch at Facebook scale,” which appears to be an appropriate decision given Facebook’s recent focus on rebalancing the News Feed towards promoting actual news.

He also offered several ways Facebook could improve its News Feed, such as by building it out into a separate app solely for consuming news. (ANI)