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Rahul Gandhi urges youngsters, women in Kerala to work with Congress

Kochi, Jan.13 (ANI): Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi on Monday urged the youngsters and women in Kerala to work with the Congress Party and play a major role in the existing political system.

Gandhi, who took part in ‘Yuva Kerala Yatra’ organised by the Youth Congress, asked the Kerala government to look into the issue of employment for youth, and aggressively work towards developing as many young entrepreneurs as possible.

“We are trying to promote youngsters into politics as possible, and it was an excellent padh yatra. One of the things I have asked (state Home Minister) Ramesh Chennithala to look into and the government to look into is the issue of jobs, and to try and develop as many young entrepreneurs as possible,” he told media here today.

“I think it is also very important in a state like Kerala and the rest of the country, that women come into politics, and they play a big role in the political system. I would like to invite all the youngsters and women in Kerala to come forward, work with the Congress party, and to change the way politics works,” he added.

The “Yuva Kerala Yatra” campaign was led by State Youth Congress President Dean Kuriakose, highlighting the themes of secularism and non-violent society. (ANI)