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AAP now roots for Maoists

New Delhi,Jan 12 (): AAP (Aam Aadmi Party) think tank Prashant Bhushan has said deploying armed forces in Maoist areas should be done only after asking the people’s opinion. He said that in States where Maoists are present, central forces are deployed to fight them. This he said should be done only after the people staying in the area agreed to it.

Earlier, he put AAP in a spot on his comments on Kashmir. He said there should be a referendum on whether the armed forces act in force in Kashmir should be put as a referendum issue to the public in the State. This view is promoted by Muslim militant groups and separatist outfits. The call for a referendum is also supported by Pakistan.

India and UN had denied to holding any poll on this issue. This comment came in for criticism from all quarters and was seen as anti- national. AAP which is turning national found it very embarrassing to defend Bhushan. Finally, it was termed as a misquote and Kejriwal had to say that the AAP does not share Bhushan’s view on Kashmir.

Earlier Bhushan had in Varanasi stated the same view on Kashmir, but then AAP had not come to power in Delhi.

Bhushan said that the central forces deployed in areas where Maoists are active are mainly used to protect corporates operating in these areas. Maoists are termed as biggest security threat; India’s home ministry echos Bhushan’s view. They claim that they are fighting for tribes exploited by mining companies.

AAP seems to be floundering. By writing off those who did not pay power bills and those whose connections were cut for stealing power, fifty percent cut in water charges,  AAP has fulfilled the two of its poll promises. The Janata Durbar was a disaster. AAP obsession to do away with police security resulted in sheer chaos. Yet another controversial move is to take away the power of Delhi police to fine autodrivers.