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World ‘air sex’ competition to take place in Britain

London, January 10 (ANI): Britain is going to see a new type of competition named ‘Air Sex’, where contestants will stand on stage in front of a live audience and act out a full sexual experience.

The participants will enact hand movements and facial expressions, with no partner to actually do anything with, as imagination and enthusiasm will be the key to impressing, the Daily Star reported.

The contest, which will have a soundtrack of the participants’ choice, will involve more than just making a few gyrating movements, as they have to meet their ‘partner’, before seducing them and taking part in foreplay and full intercourse.

Chris Trew, founder of the Air Sex World Championship, said that ‘Air Sex’ is a party, an amazing comedy show and a sport where one is invested in the outcome.

The only rules for the Air Sex World Championship dictated by the state where each competition is held, includes participants not getting fully naked and the endings being completely simulated. (ANI)