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The secret life of Walter Mitty

 The secret life of Walter MittyChennai, Jan 8 (): The secret life of Walter Mitty, the fantasy movie directed and starred by Ben Stiller was indeed a noteworthy movie of 2013. Ben plays Walter Mitty the dreamer and he chases his dreams and takes you along on this fun ride. Kristen Wiig stars opposite Ben Stiller.

The life’s secret

Walter Mitty (played by Ben Stiller) is a boring negative assets manager at Life magazine who’s typically held up with mundane works and day dreamer fantasizing himself to do heroic stuffs. He develops a crush on his co-worker Cheryl tries to hook up with her alien like through dating sites.

Life magazine finally decides to pull the plug and decides to do one last run of the magazine before they go online, obviously it means LIFE is going to lay off people. Meanwhile, Time photo journalist Sean O’Connell a close associate of Walter sends in his latest work with a gift to Walter and a note for LIFE stating “Negative 25 of this roll would be the quintessence of LIFE”.

However, Walter realizes negative 25 is missing and he needs to recover it if he wishes to retain his job and stay close to his lady love. Well, Walter sets out for a LIFEtime journey of his life following Sean through hurricanes, volcanoes, flying alongside drunken pilot, fighting sharks and many more adventures. The movie culminates on a satisfactory note that Walter finally lived his LIFE and indeed found his life’s quintessence.

Quirky Quotes

 The secret life of Walter Mitty

Sean: Beautiful things don’t ask for attention.

Cheryl: Life is about courage and going into the unknown.

Online dating representative: Have you been anywhere noteworthy?
Walter Mitty: I haven’t been anywhere noteworthy!
Online dating representative: Have you done anything noteworthy?

Walter Mitty (over phone): I jumped into ocean yesterday and fought with a shark.

Online dating representative: Don’t fantasize buddy, what have you actually done?


 The secret life of Walter Mitty

The way fantasies are pictured and choreographed are astounding. The way Ben Stiller lives the life of common man indulging in mundane activities and falling in love just makes you smile and occasionally evokes sympathy.


There are certain places where it gets cheesy and irrational. Also the way picture ends is quite predictable and you can say “I said so”. But taking into account this is not about the secret to reach the destination but the secret to travel along side makes it worthy of it.

Best rated    :  6.5/ 10
Worst rated :  6/10

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Chasing quintessence!