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Women against condom machines in Chennai schools

Chennai, Jan 7 (): Women’s groups are coming together as they were shocked to know that certain schools in Chennai had installed condom vending machines within the school premises.

The authorities told parents coming to complain, there was nothing wrong in their daughters having sex with classmates. To fight for the women’s respect, a group of eminent women from different professions have come together.

The Chennai Declaration will be announced, said the group as part of New Year resolution. The declaration will bury the failed women’s liberation movement. The new initiative is respect for womanhood.

Started in the sixties, the women’s liberation movement has been a total failure and this has been the reason behind the growing attacks and assaults on women. The concept of feminism has changed drastically from what it was in 1970s. The urgent and immediate need is respect. If one gets respect, there will be no rape, sexual harassment and molestation, observed noted danseuse Dr Padma Subrahmanyam.

To give a new direction to the crusade against injustice to women globally, Dr Subrahmanyam along with a group of renowned women launched a collective SV150 WI ( Swami Vivekananda 150 Women’s Initiative). The SV 150 WI at the convention at Chennai on January 23, will bury the women’s lib movement and announce a new initiative.

“When you read news that school managements have installed condom vending machines and advice parents that there is nothing wrong in their daughters having sex with their boy friends, it is time for women to intervene. Otherwise India will end up in ruins,” said Dr Padma. She however did not reveal the names of the schools.

She said the 150th birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda is being celebrated all over the world. She pointed out that some women in India aped the US concept. In the United States, 60 per cent of the marriages and 50 per cent of the second marriages break down,she added.

Around 1,000 women will be taking part in the January 23 convention.