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John Kerry says Iran could ‘very easily’ participate in UN peace talks on Syria

Washington, Jan. 6 (ANI): Secretary of State John Kerry has said Iran could ‘very easily’ participate in this month’s United Nations peace talks on Syria.

Kerry said Iran could play a role if leaders accept that the goal of the meetings is to establish a transitional government on which all sides agree.

He added that the government has ‘full executive authority’, should Syrian President Bashar al-Assad be persuaded to leave power.According to Fox News, Kerry said that Iran could participate very easily if they would simply accept publicly the premise.

He added that if Iran does not support that, it’s very difficult to see how they’re going to be ‘a ministerial partner’ in the process, the report said.

Iran is a United Nations member state. The election in June of new leader Hassan Rouhani has given world powers hope the nation might become less isolated.

However, Iran has supplied the Assad regime with weapons in its nearly three-year-long civil war that has killed thousands in Syria. (ANI)