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Anna Hazare statue war

New Delhi,Jan 5 (Truth Dive): Statue of political and social leaders often create disharmony, as in the case of Gandhian Anna Hazare. The Gandhian wrote a letter to BJP president Rajnath Singh saying a BJP leader was creating hurdles in having his statue installed in Old Gurgaon roundabout, near Jai Cinema.

This place has a long history of an ongoing statue war and the latest is the Anna Hazare statue. The area known as Sector 4/7 chowk has witnessed many battles between communities.

In 2003, the Vishwakarma Panchal Mahal Mandir put up a statue of Vishwakarma at the chowk. The man behind this small statue of Vishwakarma was INLD (Lok Dal) leader and member of the Sabha. The noble intention was that the temple of this community is near the chowk and there was no place for the statue of the community leader.

Unfortunately, other communities did not agree with the contention. BJP leader and a realtor Aggarwal asked the municipal council the permission to put up a two and half-foot of Lala Lajpat Rai. Rai is known as a fredom fighter to students of history but it seems he is also the hero to the trading community known as Baniyas. Aggarwal got the permission and Rai’s statue came up. Rai towered over Vishwakarma. Vishwakarma community moved the court seeking permission to install a bigger statue.

The court put a stay on putting up any statue on the land and in 2010, gave a verdict in favour of the Rai statue, claims Aggarwal. Anna Hazare’s supporters decided to put up a statue at the same chowk. The man behind this move Kataria filed a RTI plea which replied that Rai’s statue had no legal permission. Aggarwal filed a police complaint and got Kataria arrested.

The Congress and BJP joined hands to stall the Anna Hazare statue. Haryana government decided to widen the road and removed both the statues. Kataria who went to Ralegoan Siddhi for the recent fast told Anna to write to BJP president Rajnath Singh to restrain Aggarwal from creating problems.

Kataria collected money from the daily workers’ union and sold his wife’s jewels to get the 800 kilo statue sculpted in Jaipur. Aggarwal has now told Kataria that he would help in putting up the Anna statue.

Modi’s Patel Statue of Unity kicked up a row of who owned the legacy of the stalwart.