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Justice Ganguly needs to prove his innocence, says Mohammed Salim

Kolkata, Jan. 4 (ANI): Communist Party of India – Marxist (CPI-M) leader Mohammed Salim urged the former Justice A.K. Ganguly, to comply with due course of law and prove his innocence in the case where he has been accused of sexually assaulting a law intern.

Salim said if these charges are true then they must be solved according to law.”The people who were unhappy with justice Ganguly, whether it was due to his post as chairman of West Bengal Human Rights Commission (WBHRC) or because of the 2G scam which involved big corporate houses, politicians or bureaucrats who wanted to get relief from these charges, the people are finding it hard to believe such charges against the retired judge,” said Salim.

“He has lived a simple life and worked for humane causes. But I am of the view that these are serious charges and they should be resolved by due course of law,” he said.

On Friday, Ganguly resigned from the post of honorary professor at the National University of Judicial Sciences, a top law college in Kolkata after some members of the college faculty expressed their reservation about him.

On Thursday, the Cabinet had approved the proposal of sending a presidential reference to remove Ganguly, from the post of chairman of West Bengal Human Rights Commission.

Meanwhile, senior leader of Samajwadi Party (SP), Naresh Agarwal, called the media and judiciary biased.

“The country should not have two kinds of laws. If these charges had been against some politician, then, till now the media as well as the judiciary would have thrown him into the prison even if they were false charges. But because the accusations are on a retired judge, then the response is very mild from every corner. If there are two different kinds of law in this country then the law and its institutions would look meek and therefore the law should be same for everyone,” said Agarwal.

Justice Ganguly has denied sexually harassing the law intern.

The three-judge committee had earlier probed the allegations of sexual harassment against Justice Ganguly and had prima facie found an “act of unwelcome behaviour” and “conduct of sexual nature” on the part of the retired judge. (ANI)