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Job scam,environmental issues hit Jayanthi Natarajan

Chennai,Jan 2 (): Jayanthi Natarajan‘s resignation from the Union Ministry is linked to the job scam by her staff and her obstinate stance on the environmental issues raised by Congress ruled Kerala and Maharashtra.

Though officially she resigned her MoS post for Environment and Forests for party work, a week before her resignation there was a suicide bid by a four-member family based in Sivaganga (P Chidambaram’s home town) in front of Tamil Nadu Congress HQ, the Sathyamurthy Bhavan, at Chennai.

Selva Doss (42), his wife and two children bid to self-immolate in front of the TNCC office since Jayanthi Natarajan did not return Rs 33 lakh collected by her personal staff for jobs in the Animal Special Police, a non-existent force supposed to be under the Environment and Forests.

Selva Doss along with a gang was arrested on charges of duping job aspirants to the tune of Rs 30 crore. The gang promised job seekers various posts ranging from Inspectors to Constables in the ASP. For Rs 6 lakh, one could be an Inspector, a Sub-Inspector post cost Rs 5 lakh and the Constable’s post was obtained for a price of Rs 4 lakh.

Job seekers turned up at the Animal Welfare Board who made a police complaint. Even after the arrest, the racket continued. The job seekers believed the offer since Selva Doss introduced them to Gayatri Devi, OSD to Jayanthi Natarajan. Her brother Yuvaraj and secretary Dina were also part of the operation. Selva Doss paid Rs 33 lakh to Gayatri.

Selva Doss and his family were tormented by the job seekers. Doss submitted a petition to TNCC president BS Gnanadesikan, who forwarded the complaint to the Congress high command. The job scam was getting bigger and could have been an issue for AIADMK to blow it up and fix Jayanthi Natarajan. Many complaints are pending against Gayatri.

The Kerala ministry was put in a spot with the environment ministry putting out a circular saying that land notified in 52 villages and coming under the notification of Kasturirangan  report is banned from any construction activity. This sparked violent protests in many parts of Kerala and turned the Catholic church against Congress.

Similarly in Maharashtra, certain areas came to a standstill after the report came. Jayanthi Natarajan however did not recall the report. The church leaders called on Sonia to help those living in hill settlements. Rahul Gandhi told FICCI that environmental clearances were a stumbling block for industries.