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Brinda Karat asks why police in West Bengal defend goons

Kolkata, Jan.1 (ANI): Communist Party of India (CP-I) leader Brinda Karat on Wednesday condemned the gang rape case and asked whether the Bengal Government is for the protection of the people or the criminals.

“It is highly condemnable and unprecedented situation in the state,” Brinda said.

“The question arises, whether this government is for the security of the people or the goons. The girl was gang raped twice, and afterwards the rapists also threatened her to take back the case. Why didn’t the police take any action? Even the government didn’t take any steps in the case,” she added.

Describing the case as a ghastly act, Brinda said the government should have taken some action in the case. But they did not even try to meet the parents of the victims, which show that there is absence of feelings and emotions in the government.

“The police try to take the body without the consent of the parents of the victim and even tried to cremate her. This proves that the government and police are trying to shield goons in the state. That’s why the crime rate has drastically increased. The criminals are roaming free in the society without any fear of the police,” she said.

Responding to victim’s father’s allegations of medical negligence, Brinda said, “This is what victim’s father is saying. He has alleged that she was not given proper treatment which she required. If the government had shown some sensitivity, then certainly much more attention would have been given to her.”

On the Communist Party protesting against the gang rape, Brinda said, “I think the question is not about the Left here. Today each and every citizen of Bengal is enraged over what has happened in the case. “

Earlier today, Left Front leaders and supporters clashed with Kolkata Police, after the latter refused to hand over the body of a 16-year-old rape victim to her father for cremation.

Communist Party (Marxist) leader Mohammad Salim was leading a protest march through the city. The gang raped victim’s body was being taken to the centre of the Indian Trade Unions office. The victim’s family is demanding justice.

The girl, who was allegedly gang-raped two months ago, died in hospital on Tuesday, more than a week after she set herself on fire.

Her father, a taxi driver, is reportedly a member of the Communist Party-Marxist trade union, which wanted the teen’s body to be kept in a mortuary overnight and then taken for cremation in a protest procession today.

There have been protests since yesterday over the girl’s death.

But the girl’s family alleges that when they were taking her body from their home to the mortuary on Tuesday, police intercepted the hearse and forced the family to drive to the cremation ground.

They alleged that the policemen tried to cremate the body, but could not do so, as they did not have the death certificate.

At their home, the family alleged, some policemen and local goons attempted to force the father to hand over the death certificate, but he did not.

They said the body was brought back by cops to the girl’s home nearly five hours later, at about 2.30 a.m.

At 6 a.m. this morning, the father of the girl left with the hearse to the crematorium, accompanied by the police. Last rites are yet to be performed as the father is reportedly adamant that he, not the police, will decide when to cremate his daughter.

The distraught parents have demanded death sentence for the rapists and for those who tormented her so much that she set herself ablaze.

“I will fight the case. I will not let them go. Till my last breath I will try to get them hanged. That’s my promise,” the father said yesterday.

The girl, allegedly gang-raped twice in October by the same set of people, had set herself on fire on December 23, after being harassed by friends of the men arrested in the case.

The girl’s father had moved his family from Madhyamgram, about 40 km from Kolkata, to the airport area closer to the city, but the harassment and threats to withdraw charges continued. (ANI with inputs)