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Karnataka Janata Paksh to join BJP soon

Bangalore, Dec. 31 (ANI): Karnataka Janata Paksh (KJP) leader B.S Yeddyurappa on Tuesday said that the KJP would soon merge with the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) unconditionally primarily due to the people’s support to BJP prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi.

“In the interest of the country we have decided to merge the KJP with the BJP. We have discussed the details with BJP President Rajnath Singh and other KJP and BJP leaders,” said Yeddyurappa.

“It is primarily due to the support people are giving to the BJP prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi that we have decided to take this decision. He has got the support of over 70 percent of the people of the country,” he said.

“The date has not been finalized, but the BJP will be finalizing it soon,” he added. (ANI)