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Bigg Boss 7 winner predictions (update)

Mumbai, Dec 27 (): The Indian television reality show ‘Bigg Boss’ is known for its high voltage drama. The ongoing seventh season of Bigg Boss season is inching closer to the finale, with four contestants inside the house battling to win the coveted prize of the show.

The top 5 finalists of the show are  VJ Andy, Gauahar, Tanishaa, Ajaz Khan and Sangram Singh. After the elimination of VJ Andy in a surprise mid-week elimination, the other four contestants Gauahar, Tanishaa, Ajaz Khan and Sangram Singh are almost on their way to clinch the title, but, only one can get the title and the big question now is who will be the winner of Bigg Boss 7 show?

There are a lot of predictions revolving in the media; let us have a look at all those predictions. Some say the final battle will be between Tanishaa and Sangram.

Sangram Singh- Sangram has been one of the most well-behaved contestants on the show. Sangram has always stayed away from being violent and abusing unlike the other inmates. He has always been safe and has not been voted out so far. So, Sangram winning could be a high possibility!

Numerologist Sanjay B Jumaani who foretold the winners of last three season of the show has predicted that contestant Sangram Singh will the winner of Bigg Boss 7. Earlier, Jumaani’s pick were Shweta Tiwari, Juhi Parmar and Urvashi Dholakia. All three TV actresses went on to win their respective seasons.

Tanishaa- Tanishaa is one of the most favourite and popular contestants on the show. Tanishaa has won hearts with her calmness and dignity. She was often provoked for her closeness to ex inmate Armaan Kohli who got evicted. Tanishaa has never prompted fights. Because of the way she has conducted herself on the show, she has become everyone’s favourite!

Gauahar Khan– VJ Andy, 33-year-old stylist, who has spent 101 days inside the house and was last evicted from the show says Bigg Boss inmate Gauahar Khan insinuates people and can do anything to win the game.

Ajaz Khan- The Indian model turned actor is also in the line to win the title.