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Minority groups wooed by DMK-AIADMK

Chennai,Dec 26 ():  Minority groups are being wooed by the two Dravidian parties as it has come clear that both are going to polls without BJP and Congress.

Jayalalithaa by playing her PM aspiration has sent out a message to minority groups that she would not align with the BJP. This comes in the wake of DMK deciding to be non BJP-Congress front.

Significantly, the CSI church platform was used by Jayalalithaa for her Delhi ambitions with the Bishop gladly endorsing it.The Naam Thamizhar party condemned the CSI church for using the Loyola college function to indulge in minority politics.

Karunanidhi on X’mas eve was seen at a function hosted by Escopolitian church, where he spoke about the probability to have DMDK in the DMK front. The Indian Muslim League which is an ally of the Congress in Kerala and member of UPA has sided with the DMK in Tamil Nadu.

Yet another Muslim outfit which has an MLA in the Assembly crosses sides from AIADMK to DMK citing Jayalalithaa’s refusal to cancel the invite to Modi for the inaugural Assembly function.

As the election draws nearer, Jayalalithaa distanced herself from Modi. Modi’s function in Chennai was seen as yet another venue where the two CMs would meet but Jayalalithaa stayed put in her office.

On record, Jayalalithaa’s AIADMK is part of the third front which has left parties-SP-JD(U). This front already has two PM aspirants-Mulayam Singh Yadav and Nitish Kumar. Now the third aspirant is Jayalalithaa.

Congress is expected to go it alone in Tamil Nadu. BJP is likely to tie-up with MDMK and PMK. Leaders of both these parties met Rajnath Singh in Delhi. The polarization of minority groups has come crucial to both the Dravidian parties.

PMK and MDMK which represent the vanniyars and dailts and the PT and VCK pitching with DM and the minority groups representing the various sects in the Christian and Muslim groups of the State will be the deciding factor.

Minority groups representing the fishermen and those working in sand mining in Tirunelveli- Kanyakumari-Ramanathapuram districts are a divided lot after the crackdown on miners by AIADMK ministry.