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Bigg Boss 7 finale : Countdown starts, who will be the winner?

Mumbai, Dec 26 (): The countdown to the Bigg Boss 7 Grand Finale has started. The finale of the seventh season of the controversial show Bigg Boss falls on December 28, December. Just two days to go, audiences are asked to closely follow their favourite contestants and vote constantly to ensure their victory.

Now, we have got the first finalist of the high voltage reality show. After, the elimination of VJ Andy in the surprise midweek eviction process, Sangram Singh has emerged out as the first finalist, beating other four housemates – Gauahar Khan, Tanishaa Mukherji and Ajaz Khan. He has fixed his spot in the finale.

During midnight, the contestants except Sangram were taken to the activity area. All the four inmates were handcuffed and are asked to step inside a box. Bigg Boss asked them to unlock the handcuff and rush to the living area.

All the three were thinking that it was a competition, but Bigg Boss just did it as a trick to evict Andy who got eliminated at midnight after receiving least amount of votes from the viewer.

When the contestants realized that Andy has been evicted, Ajaz, Gauahar, Sangram and Tanishaa were seen crying and calling out his name. While all of them were happy that they had made their way to the finale, they also felt bad for Andy as he wanted to be part of the final four right from the beginning.

Now, the viewers have to wait for two more days to know who the winner of the show is?

Then on the finale day, all the contestants of Bigg Boss 7 will participate, except Sofia Hayat, sources say. The British actress, model and singer has decided to stay away from the finale of the Bigg Boss show. After her complaint against Armaan Kohli, which led to his arrest and subsequent bail, Sofia does not want to be a part of anything that involves Armaan, sources say.

But, Sofia said that she had got an email from the channel that she was contractually pleased to attend the finale on December 28 at 9 am in Lonavla as it was mandatory and if she did not attend there would be monetary implications. She also said she was leaving to London.