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Justice Ganguly attempting to obfuscate sexual harassment facts: Law intern

New Delhi, Dec.24 (ANI): A former law intern, who is at the centre of an alleged sexual harassment case involving former Supreme Court judge A.K. Ganguly, has accused him of obfuscating facts related to the incident that took place in December 2012.

While Justice Ganguly has refused to issue a response to this latest charge, the former law intern has given a point-by-point rebuttal to all of the statements made by Justice Ganguly, and said she may consider filing a police complaint against him.

“Those who have been spreading rumours and politicising the issue, are doing so out of prejudice and malice to obfuscate the issue and escape scrutiny and accountability,” the intern writes in her blog on Legally India.

The blog comes a day after Justice Ganguly had written an eight-page letter to Chief Justice P Sathasivam, denying that he had sexually harassed the intern and alleging there was a “palpable design” to malign him because of the judgements he had given against “powerful quarters”.

“I request that it be acknowledged that I have the discernment to pursue appropriate proceedings at appropriate times. I ask that my autonomy be respected fully,” the intern said.

“I would like to state that I have acted with utmost responsibility throughout, keeping in mind the seriousness of this situation,” she said. (ANI)