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Naked Wedding at San Francisco City Hall ends in arrest

San Francisco, Dec 22 (): Nudity activist Gypsy Taub got married naked to her fiancé Jaymz Smith in front of City Hall in San Francisco, CA, Thursday, December 19, 2013, which eventually ended in arrest.

Gypsy Taub, 44, the Berkeley mother of three and the woman known as the face of the San Francisco Bay Area’s nude rights movement married in front of City Hall wearing only a veil. She was arrested after her wedding to Jaymz Smith, 20. She has been arrested repeatedly for violating San Francisco’s public nudity ban.

The bride arrived in a dress, but finally stripped down to nothing but just a gauzy veil that did not hide anything to say her vows.

Before the nuptials, Gypsy Taub shouted to a crowd of roughly 100 people that the event is a protest against the nudity ban as much as it is a wedding. She said she had known that the people of San Francisco were behind her.

The groom, Jaymz Smith, was also nude. After their wedding ceremony ended, some naked or barely dressed guests danced on the sidewalk. Taub continued dancing and the police wrapped her in a blue blanket and brought her to a van. She, her husband and several of her guests then received citations for public nudity. It was the eighth citation of this kind for Taub. She was then released after agreeing to put the dress back on.

Taub’s real name is Oxana Chornenky and she is a native of Moscow, Russia. She had always “wanted to be free from body shame” and took her first step toward that goal when she arrived in the United States and got her first job — as a stripper at the then-infamous Naked Eye club in Boston, Mass.’s now-defunct “Combat Zone.”

She now hosts a public-access cable TV show, My Naked Truth, in which she chats political topics while in the nude with guests who are also nude while being interviewed by Taub. She was first arrested, while speaking at a San Francisco Board of Supervisors public hearing on the nudity ban last year.