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Delhi Police slept on diplomat complaint

New Delhi, Dec 21 (): Delhi police slept on a complaint by the Indian diplomat who was arrested in New York, which led to America evacuate the husband of the domestic worker from India.

Earlier, the move was termed by US as a rescue attempt to save domestic worker’s husband from threats, and is now termed as reuniting the family. Whether US did it with a noble cause to reunite families or was getting the case strengthened, Delhi Police got a complaint from Devyani Khobragade, the Indian diplomat who sent a complaint against domestic worker Sangeeta Richard and her husband Philip to Delhi Police on July 3, 2013.

Two days before the complaint to Delhi Police, the same mail had been sent to the ministry of external affairs too. Delhi Police registered the FIR only in October. Probably the Delhi Police and MEA felt that US might not take such complaints on domestic workers seriously.

Philip was not arrested even two months after the FIR had been registered. The diplomat named Philip, of being a co-conspirator in an extortion bid by the domestic worker. Since he had only a FIR and no arrest, he got a visa, and flew out with his two children on December 10, as there was nothing against him.

On July 3, the diplomat lodged a complaint with Delhi Police against Sangeeta and Philip for extortion and hatching a conspiracy. The ministry of external affairs got the copy of complaint on July 1, seven days after the maid disappeared from her residence.

Delhi Police registered FIR on October 9 at Fatehpur Beri police station in south Delhi. The FIR had cheating, extortion and criminal conspiracy charges in it. Indian diplomat did not specify the extortion bid but later it was put at Rs 6 lakh.

Delhi Police says MEA said that the diplomat and the domestic worker were negotiating the matter. There was an arrest warrant against the domestic worker but the Delhi Police did not keep tabs on her husband.