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US gets pat for support to domestic worker

New Delhi, Dec 20 (): Domestic worker who is the cause for the US and India stand-off, are nowhere in the picture. The woman diplomat’s video clips and photos are flashed over the media. Nobody is interested in posting pictures of the domestic worker.

Like in most situations, the domestic workers’ plight in India remains the same. With every political party claiming to work for the aam aadmi, and broom as a symbol sweeping away giants in Delhi, an organization known as Gharelu Kaamgaar Sanghatan works for domestic workers.

With every unorganized sector coming in the minimum wage, millions on whom Indian houses depend daily are not guaranteed “the minimum wage” by any Indian law.This sanghatan says that the debate is not about a foreign policy issue. The association says that India should be outraged at the plight of the exploited domestic work.

The association which operates from Haryana says Indian diplomats and other officials posted abroad employ Indian workers and treat them shabbily abroad. If the domestic worker protests, then the person is sent home and another taken in. The association says the employer (lady diplomat) should be given a strict punishment so that other employers take it as a deterrent.

The only victim is Devyani Khobragade who is the chant of Indian foreign ministry and say that the concerned domestic worker case is with courts in India and take cover saying it is subjudice.

Bhattacharjee, the woman president of the sangathan, who has worked with Indian domestic workers in New York, says the Indian government has reacted sharply since the case stands trial in US court, then Indian missions policy on hiring domestic worker will come out of its closet. She says that the condition of Indian domestic workers abroad is far better than the counterparts in India.

If true, that is precisely why the current outrage sweeping the country sounds a bit rich for some. A typical domestic worker starts at 6 am and ends past midnight for wages ranging from as low as Rs 4000, three meals a day and new clothes for Diwali. None have heard that there is a minimum wages act.

Domestic workers in India put at 50 million were to benefit from the Domestic Workers Act tabled in 2008, which was amended in 2010, is yet to be law.

Sanghatan activist’s decision makers are all in the affluent class. CPM expressed outrage on the diplomat’s treatment but one that was founded to liberate the workers from shackles had nothing to say about the domestic worker.

The Sanghatan feels that the US investigating agencies who have exposed this practice should be congratulated. The association says that the domestic worker is lucky that US government is speaking for her wages.