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New technique to detect genetic defects in egg cells, doubles success rate of IVF

Washington, December 20 (ANI): A new study has given a ray of hope to couples coping from infertility as it has revealed a safe, accurate, and low-cost method to select genetically normal embryos for the IVF procedure.

The study has provided a new way for genome sequencing of individual egg cells to detects chromosomal abnormalities and DNA sequence variations associated with genetic disorders, thereby increasing the chances of producing a healthy child.

Study author Jie Qiao of Third Hospital, Peking University said that the deep sequencing analysis avoids two types of genetic problems and will be able to double the success rate of test tube baby technology from 30 percent to 60 percent, or even more.

Various procedures are currently available to detect genetic defects in embryos prior to implantation, but these approaches are often invasive, requiring the removal of cells from the growing embryo.

The study was published by Cell Press December 19th in the journal Cell. (ANI)