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Yemen dad asks for 1m Facebook ‘likes’ as dowry

London, December 19 (ANI): A father in Yemen has asked his potential future son-in-law to provide him with 1million Facebook as dowry before he allows him to marry his daughter.

Salem Ayash, a poet from the city of Taiz, said that he requested the unusual ‘payment’ before agreeing to let his daughter get married as no-one in Yemen can afford to pay dowries anymore, Metro.co.uk reported.

The page, which was recently set up, has managed to gain 30,000 likes so far.

Ayash added that the groom can take a month, a year, or even two years to collect the requested number of likes and if he gets impressed by the hard work, he will be willing to be flexible to see his daughter get happily married to the guy. (ANI)